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Burger Up Staff Provide Night of Entertainment @ The Basement, 12/3/10

For those of you who frequent Nashville's delicious gourmet burger establishment, Burger Up, you're probably aware of how all of their servers are extremely hip and good-looking. That's because they're all local musicians who are just choosing to volunteer their free time as servers. Wait a sec... :/ Friday night will be the opportunity of a lifetime because you can catch many of those same employees out of their element and in their...er...real element? Yeah--they'll be playing a show at The Basement. More specifically, the bands that will be featured include Alvin Love, The Bridges, Lilly Lomein, and The Stoney Lonesomes. Maybe you could grab a burger at Burger Up, and then go to the show? Or go here for more information while you're deciding.--Deli Staff


The Deli's December CD of the Month: Prism Eyes - Reading Rainbow

With the surging start of “Wasting Time”, Prism Eyes’ opener is awash with jangly riffs, catchy drums, and crisp cymbals. Lo-fi lovebirds Rob Garcia and Sarah Everton croon out a synchronized chorus in crystallized calm optimism. Evocative of acceptance or some form of humble wisdom, “Wasting Time” feels therapeutic, falling somewhere between the extremes of apathy and melodrama. It’s honest, to the point but sweet. Its lack of lyrical complication leaves each line cohesive to its backbeat and harmonized brilliance. The smoothed-out feel of Prism Eyes begins with the duo’s first track. Easily detected by Mystical Participation diehards or devotees, Reading Rainbow’s latest plays less rough around the edges in comparison to their debut without altering the band’s penchant for washed out pop. Polished yet still lo-fi, Garcia and Everton’s efforts remain sincere, just enhanced and more refined. “White Noise” slightly heightens the album’s tempo with a pinch of dissonance through garage meets surf pop riffs. Vocals settle above chords and drumbeats, leaving listeners to lose themselves in the band’s layers of fuzzed out sound. “Animals Take Control of Me” brings to mind buzz bands like Beach Fossils or Surfer Blood. Slow, steady and mellow, the album’s fourth track eases in gradually, hitting its peak towards the 2-minute mark by way of stunningly fashioned vocals, specifically on Everton’s part. Ending with ah-ah-ahs, “Animals Take Control of Me” gives way to “Underground” and its upbeat brisk duration. The overt romance of “Let’s Dream Tonight” is sugary sweet and (thankfully) easy to stomach due to the saving grace of its honesty. Brave enough to showcase their feelings without a stitch of irony, Reading Rainbow is straightforward without apology. The piece-by-piece start of “Must Be Dreaming” feels fresh with purpose and an easily danceable backbeat while the jangly pop of “Always On My Mind” instantly charms. “Cut In Two” rocks harder than its preceding tracks with driving riffs and a solid gritty tempo. Closing with the album’s title-track followed by “To My Gemini”, Reading Rainbow’s sophomore effort is vibrant and full of charm. You can purchase Prism Eyes via Hozac Records.
Below is their new video for “Always on My Mind” by Amanda Finn, which was inspired by 60’s new wave French films ala Jean Luc Goddard. Also check out their interview with Elle Magazine here. Haha - what fashionistas!
- Dianca Potts

READING RAINBOW "Always on My Mind" from Amanda Finn


New Track from Party Photographers - “Children Of Men”

Party Photographers just posted a new track from their upcoming 7” currently scheduled to be release on vinyl in January via Ian Records. It will feature the songs “Children Of Men” (which you can check out below) and “Negative Space”. Enjoy! - The Deli Staff


Monahans' Shadowbox @ SVT

Quirky Americana sound sculptors Monahans are presenting the somewhat mysterious Shadowbox this Sunday (12/5) at the Salvage Vanguard Theater, accompanied by Whiskey Priest. You can find nine of their 2010 recordings, released monthly since March, all available for download at Monahans.net. Presumably these will compose Shadowbox? Commenters are welcome to enlighten us. We know that's our job, but it's a collaborative age. 


InnerCourse World AIDS Day Awareness Benefit w/Black Thought’s New Side Project Money Making Jam Boys & Much More at The Blockley Dec. 1

Man, Philly fuckin’ rules! There are way too many good shows tonight and somethin’ for everyone’s flava. For all you hip hop heads, The Blockley has plenty of what you are looking for, and it’s for a good cause - InnerCourse World AIDS Day Awareness. The RootsBlack Thought will be taking the stage tonight with his new side project Money Making Jam Boys, which features Dice Raw, Truck North, P.O.R.N. and Atlanta transplant STS (Sugar Tongue Slim). Check out their new debut music video for “Judgement Day” below, which was directed by Samuel Rogers. They’ll also be joined by local natives Kuf Knotz (all recovered from emergency dental surgery) and Germantown’s Writtenhouse as well as North Carolina’s Big Pooh (from Little Brother). Now, that’s a stacked bill. Glad to see that the local hip hop community is finding their way into more Philly venues (still not enough though - in my humble opinion). The Blockley, 3801 Chestnut St., 9pm, $7 adv/$10 door, 21+ (Illustration by Eric Jordan) - H.M. Kauffman

"Judgment Day" Money Making Jam Boys Music Video from Visually Inklined


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