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Album Review: Cherish The Light Years - Cold Cave

With an optimistic title, Wesley Eisold, a Philly native turned New Yorker, crafts synthy moodscapes with Cold Cave’s sophomore full-length release Cherish the Light Years. Satiating ravenous fans with Love Comes Close’s follow-up, today’s release via Matador opens optimistic with sputtering backbeats followed close by electrified chords and Eisold’s post-punk styled vocals. “The Great Pan is Dead” feels iconic, triumphant, and knowing, creating cohesion of deference between Eisold’s delivery and the opening track’s memorable emotional core. Within seconds of its start Cherish the Light Years grabs hold of its listener and keeps them close until its end. Such magnetism begins with “The Great Pan is Dead” and is intensified by the dancey thrill of “Pacing Around the Church”. Reminiscent of Bloc Party’s initial potential or New Wavers like Depeche Mode, Eisold’s deliberate lyricism harbors a relatable criticism on religious tradition, its flaws, shortcomings, and (at times) miss placed hopes. With the assurance that “it was easy when we were young and free,” Eisold offers a provocatively post-mod alternative: “the truth is no where near.” Existential and catchy, “Pacing Around the Church” is cerebral with hissing clicks and memorable hooks. Here, Cold Cave capitalizes on a depth prophesized by earlier tracks like “Love Comes Close” and the pulsating dread of “Youth and Lust”. An easily consumable anthem, “Confetti” opens with mesmerizing synth and drum machine beats that feel warm and tropical. Eisold’s diction rises lush and near seductive in an upbeat but brooding trance like tempo, bringing to mind a mellowed out mix of gender bender Boy George’s antics in the Culture Club’s “Miss Me Blind” mixed with the haunting swell of Soft Cell’s “Youth”. A nearly perfect track for summer, “Confetti”, with its “Blue Monday” fashioned breakdown and 80s friendly diligence is bound to become the successor to “Life Magazine” in popularity. “Underworld USA” is heated and gothy, opening with unrelenting beats, whispers, and lightly washed out riffs. Making the most of religious iconography, Eisold’s use of words like “missionary,” “confess,” and “blasphemous,” serve as thematic authenticity to a track dealing more with redemption through romance rather than redemption through Westernized forms of religious faith. Delectably dark wave, “Underworld USA” conjures the same evocative depth of Bauhaus’ performance of “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” in ‘83’s vamp thriller The Hunger. “Alchemy and You” shines with infectious riffs and swirling chords while “Burning Sage” sinks deep under the skin with percussive minimalism and morose diction. Falling somewhere between singles by New Order (“Elegia” and “Ceremony”) and the iconic gloom of Joy Division, Cold Cave’s Cherish the Light Years is a successful resurrection of dark wave at its best. - Dianca Potts

Villains of the Moon by Cold Cave 


Illvibe Collective CD Release Party at Silk City April 5

Illvibe Collective have a CD release party tonight at Silk City. The local five-man DJ and production team has been churning out dope material since 2000, and is comprised of Mr. Sonny James (a.k.a. Statik), Panek, Phillee Blunt, Lil Dave and Skipmode. Their latest effort All Together Now features contributions from some of Philly’s finest like Bahamadia, Reef The Lost Cauze, Rich Medina, Dave Ghetto, and many more. It’s Illvibe Collective’s debut production album, and there will be plenty of their collaborators performing this evening to help them celebrate. Below is footage of an interview with their muse and mentor Rich Medina where “he discusses his relationship with them and the significance of producers who get their start at DJs.” It was filmed and directed by Panek and edited by Mr. Sonny James for Illvibe Media. Silk City, 435 Spring Garden St., 9pm, $10 (includes a copy of the CD), 21+ - Alexis V.


Sold Out Amos Lee Show at Merriam Theater April 5

Besides XPN’s "Free at Noon", it’s been a while since recent Billboard chart topper Amos Lee has had a hometown show. That’s why it’s no surprise that this evening’s performance at Merriam Theater with The Secret Sisters is SOLD OUT, and I heard that the tickets got pretty pricey depending on where you’re seated. Well, I look forward to seeing Amos, Mut, Freddy, Jaron, and the rest of the crew on stage rather than on my TV or computer screen which seems to be the only way that I can lately. They’ll also be representing Philly in Europe soon when they open up for more sold out shows with Adele. (BTW: If you are attending the show tonight (or not), please send Amos some good vibes because I heard that he might be feeling a bit under the weather. Hopefully a little rest in his own bed helped him out.) Merriam Theater, 250 S. Broad St., 8pm, SOLD OUT, All Ages - H.M. Kauffman 


Interview with lowfives' Chris O'Keeffe


lowfives were the February Band of the Month. Here, we interview lead guitarist and singer Chris O'Keeffe. We find out how lowfives came to be, how much O'Keeffe loves Lita Ford, where the heck they got their name from and what's on the horizon for the band. Also, there's a shout out to the late great Nate Dogg, RIP.

Congratulations to lowfives on winning the Band of the Month Poll in February! It was a pretty heated battle between you and one of the other bands, but in the end your fans came through for you. That must have been a pretty good feeling, were you surprised by the overwhelming support you received?

Chris O'Keeffe: Although we're a newer band, we've all been around here for a while.  We all brought our own networks of friends and fans together when we formed.  We've had great receptions both at our live shows and to our recordings so far, so I guess this result is an extension of that.  Plus, we intimidated people at the polls and bussed in elderly and infirmed that were sympathetic to our cause.

To read the entire interview, click here.

--Chrissy Prisco

Fishing Tales w/Dean Ween

Deaner a.k.a. Dean Ween a.k.a. Mickey Melchiondo, Jr., guitarist for avant-pop outfit WEEN, has been fishing his whole life. He recently got his captain’s license to run his own big craft. He has been chartering fishing trips on his boat in the Delaware River and will be doing so this spring on the Atlantic Ocean out of Neptune, NJ so if you ever dreamed of hanging out with Deaner, this might be your golden opportunity. Below is his first fishing report of 2011 which also comes with some video footage (not for the eyes of PETA folks). - The Deli Staff

“We just got back from an amazing fishing trip for Bluefin tuna on the ‘Tuna Duck’ out of Hatteras Inlet, NC. My good friend Nick Honachefsky was writing a cover story for Saltwater Sportsman Magazine on jigging and popping giant Tuna and I was lucky enough to get to tag along and fish as well. We had some very sharp anglers on the boat in Sami Ghandour and his partner Paul Chua who together own Saltywater Tackle Co. These guys have been involved in importing the top jigging tackle from Japan as this style of fishing has gained popularity. After witnessing it firsthand I think it’s safe to predict that the days of fighting these fish on 130 wide reels are numbered. This is a fun and effective way to land these fish instead of just trolling around and watching someone fight a fish for hours in a fighting chair. We left the inlet at sunrise on Saturday to be greeted with 8 foot seas that eventually subsided a little throughout the day. The good news is that we were on a 55 foot boat and it kept a lot of other smaller boats off the water. We pretty much had the tuna grounds all to ourselves. We had constant action with small Blackfin Tuna and False Albacore and we also managed to bring 5 Bluefin to the deck, all about 90-100 lbs. I had the first fish of the day at about 100 lbs and we finished the day going 5 for 8 on Bluefin and released all our fish. Sunday was a different story with beautiful weather and light seas and a lot of boats. We boated another 5 fish including 2 fish over 200 lbs. Sami managed to bring his 250 lb. beast to the deck in only 12 minutes on a 5 foot spinning rod matched with a Shimano Stella 20000. He is about my size and weighs probably 25 lbs. less. Watching him put the boots to this beast of a fish was one of the more impressive rounds of angling I've ever witnessed and I learned a lot from this guy. Hopefully we get to fish again together.” - Dean Ween


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