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Swimming Bell takes wonderfully cosmic soundscapes on U.S. tour

Swimming Bell is an artist that seems to be in sync with the universe, and on "Desert Song (a lullaby)," she stitches an intricate tapestry of folksy, ambient soundscapes. Every sprawling atmospheric drone feels perfectly aligned with the subdued, yet colorful guitar production. Heavenly vocals feel less like falsetto for the sake of falsetto and more like the meditative channeling of ideas bigger than all of us. A song this packed with ideas could feel pretentious, but it ends with a staticy broadcast of an entirely different song, as if the listener just happened to tune in at the right time to take a serendiptous walk through the cosmos. Swimming Bell just started her U.S. tour in California but will be performing at New York's Trans-Pecos on Nov. 3. -Tucker Pennington


Twin Talk “The Sky Never Ends”

Twin Talk has released the first single, “The Sky Never Ends” from their forthcoming LP, Weaver. This melodic and improvisational jazz trio of Andrew Green, Katie Ernst, and Dustin Laurenzi.

This new LP, their follow-up to 2016 self-titled debut, will be released on February 8th via PEOPLE.

You can catch Twin Talk on Feb. 10th at The Hideout for their album release event.


Lydia Luce releases debut LP "Azalea"; plays The 5 Spot 10.19

Lydia Luce released her debut LP Azalea back in September; it's her first record since her 2015 debut EP The Tides. Azalea chronicles the solo adventures that Luce has taken in the years between albums, diving deep into dealing with loneliness, being alone with emotions, and learning how to deal with them instead of ignore them. Jordan Lehning co-produced the album alongside Skylar Wilson; the two notable Nashville producers help Luce bring through all of the passion she sought to pack into Azalea. You can hear songs from the record live at The 5 Spot on October 19th, where Luce will play on a bill with Texas's Thomas Csorba. Listen to tracks from Azalea below. - Will Sisskind


Emerging electronica artist BLK SLK plays Trans Pecos 11.16

Music producer BLK SLK is an emerging electronic artist and DJ, known for his collection of imaginative electronica. This artist merges synth samples as though quilting together bits of sounds, blending both smooth and hard-hitting beats to form rich, well-produced jams. There isn’t one moment that lulls in either of his debut singles, “Could Be” and “Hook Me Up.” Propelled by dancey beats, BLK SLK's tracks move along with a fluid yet calculated flow, creating tension in the combination of mellow energy and convulse beats. Remarkably, their production achieves a sense of cohesion, notwithstanding the tapestry of busy sounds. Fitting for either a motivating housework soundtrack or a pre-night out pump up, this artist’s bright sound is an ideal middle ground for any situation in need of a electronic morale boost. Check out BLK SLK's material below, now streaming on Soundcloud and Bandcamp. - Rebecca Carroll

Ruins "2"

Ruins released a new EP called “2” last week via Fine Prints. This is the bedroom pop of Adam Schubert of Cafe Racer, and this EP is Adam’s third of 2018.

He is able to come across as so prolific in 2018 because he had been recording on his own for years, but only recently decided to release his recordings. We are so glad he did!

Photo by Alexa Viscius


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