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The Deli SF's Weekend Highlights For 4/1-4/4

Certainly everybody's Thursday competition (if you're trying to play anywhere else in the city anyway), Epic Sauce has gone and once again put together another impressive line up for their show series at Milk. A free show, this Thursday the 1st will see Man/Miracle and Butterfly Bones celebrating the release of their split 7-inch. Red Blue Yellow (who recently played a Deli Presents show) and Beehive Spirit will also be playing, 8pm. Though it is free you are strongly encouraged to RSVP here.

If free shows are not your thing however (or rather lets say you want to rock out with some awesome garage girls), on the same night you can catch The Splinters playing with Ty Segall and The Baths at the Eagle (debateably a NSFW site), 9pm.

Friday night out in the East Bay, Veil Veil Vanish, Mister Loveless, Chambers (a band featuring former members of Death of a Party), and The Ferocious Few will also be playing a free show at The Uptown starting around 9. Of course it is advised that you get there much earlier then that as starting at 6 (and boasting $2 Pabst) East Bay Express, Sony, and Amoeba will be hosting a listening party for the new MGMT album (to be released on the 13th) with free CDs given to the first 50 people to arrive.

If you're only planing on being out Saturday night (or just find you ears still unsatiated) head over to the Hemlock around 9:30 for the psychedelic sounds of The Love Dimension, Honey, The Spyrals, and Greg Ashley.

Lots to see and lot's for free this week. Head out and enjoy some good music and check back with us next week for another round of suggestions.

-Ada Lann


Sissy Mena on Small Chicago

The latest installment from the coolest new site in town, Small Chicago, is live and features three tracks from the rock n’ roll band Sissy Mena.

Sissy Mena will be performing at Subterranean on April 8th with Wild Peaks and The (Glorious) Teaparty.


Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling talks about their new EP - The New Number 2


Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling is a duo consisting of Sophia Cacciola and Michael J. Epstein. Self-described as, "loud, arty, minimalist rock working in the realm of proto-punk/new wave/no wave bands", Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling has an authentic energy and sound that is rarely seen around town that often.

They will be celebrating the release of their debut EP, The New Number 2 Saturday the 3rd at Church. Get more info HERE. The EP is stuffed with creative angst. I recommend this EP if you are sick of all the same old crap. It also is inspired by a sci-fi series, The Prisoner. Can't get more awesome than that. Cacciola, Epstein and Epstein's mustache had the time to answer a few Q's about where the unique inspiration came from.

Deli: The new EP, The New Number 2 is based on/inspired by an old sci-fi show, The Prisoner. Can you tell as more about what inspired your take on the project? Why is The Prisoner so important to Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling?

Sophia Cacciola:
Once I saw The Prisoner, I couldn't stop thinking about it. I first saw it right at a time when my writing was getting a little less introspective and more about exploring a murky, cinematic world centered around a moralistic, dark, strong-willed yet desperate character. Patrick McGoohan's Number 6 fit this mold perfectly. The themes of the show: Big Brother, societal distrust of individuality, totalitarianism, the meaning of escaping, the construct of imprisonment, and identifying who actually dictates fate, are all topics that feel ever-urgent and worthy of thinking and writing about. So from there it just became obvious that this was what I wanted to do with the band. The rest, the visual imagery (black coats with white piping, etc.) as well as the name of the band, all just fell right into place.

Read more HERE

--Interview by Meghan Chiampa


Last-Minute Plans: Antennas Up @ The Whistler - Free Show!

Though electro-galactic trio, Antennas Up, may call Kansas City their official home, we're holding on to their Chicago ties--and claim them as our own.

Fresh off this month's SXSW festival, the trio is passing through Chicago tonight (and perhaps still nursing residual SX hangovers) for a show at Logan Square's high-end watering hole, The Whistler. Equal parts funk (as heard in "Don't Wait Up"), pop, and serendipitous space-rock (look no further than "5P4C35H1P"), Antennas boasts an eclectic sound and impressive live light-show (often with space helmets to boot); it will be interesting what they'll manage to swing in the cozy confines of the Whistler.

Rounding out Tonight's local lineup is Volcanoes Make Islands, and intermittent spinning, courtesy of DJ Screeble Dee. Free show! 21+. - Neph Basedow


NYC Artists on the Rise: Geezer on Diesel

Geezer on Diesel is a band featuring two NYC scenemakers who work in the shadow - i.e. Producer Paul Mahajan (here on guitar) known for recording TV on the Radio and Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and Sam Tayolr (here on baritone guitar) who's been providing guitar gear to the Williamsburg's community of musicians through his store Southside Guitars. The band plays a grainy brand of snare-less dark and droney (but not necessarily psych) indie rock reminiscent of a less dreamy Jesus and Mary Chain and a more controlled Dead Meadow. Stay tuned for upcoming live shows in the Billyburg neighborhood.


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