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Portland Folk Festival Announces Lineup


The inaugural Portland Folk Festival released its preliminary lineup last week, and if the preliminary nature of this information is any indication, the fully blossomed lineup is going to set your heart to twangin'.

Being held at various outdoor and indoor venues, as well as neighborhood outdoor spaces throughout Portland from August 19 to 22, the Portland Folk Festival will feature some familiar PDX folk firepower alongside national and international acts who hold only the most special places in our collective hearts (Sea of Bees!, ahem). We're not talking indie-folk exclusivity here (as the term might most readily be attributed), but real, honest, gritty, goopy acoustic ruminations from the likes of Celso Machado, Jim Page and Earl White Band. Rounding out the younger set will be Portland's own Loch Lomond, Freak Mountain Ramblers and Future Historians.

A fuller list of the preliminary lineup is available here.

Some additional schematics on this exciting, new Slim Moon-helmed music, art, craft, film, folk adventure:

"Portland Folk Festival will be held over four days, with a different neighborhood focus each day. Music venues, pubs, galleries and interesting spaces throughout Downtown Portland, Alberta Arts District, Mississippi Avenue and Southeast Portland will host events through the day and night all weekend.

The Portland Folk Festival is dedicated to the preservation and celebration of the world's folk and traditional music, and to the vibrant community, forward-thinking quality of life, and spectacular natural beauty of our treasured home of Portland. With one foot firmly rooted in preserving and celebrating the lessons of the past, and one in working toward a sustainable future, we are dedicated to the study, evolution, expression and celebration of the music of the people.

This is a wonderful opportunity for the community of Portland to come together and discover a world of music that's happening in their own backyard.

Tickets for Portland Folk Festival are being sold online for $45. You will receive a badge that will get you into every show and event during the festival. Tickets for individual concerts will be available through each venue's online box office or at the door day of show."

The Festival has also been holding monthly showcases in anticipation of the August kick-off. The next one will be held at the Mississippi Street Fair on Saturday, July 10 noon - 8 p.m. at the Parlour on the Hill stage, and will feature the likes of Stefan Jecusco and the Godless Moravians, mbilly, and more.

- Ryan J. Prado



Alexis Gideon Releases Trailer for New Audio/Visual Album

Alexis Gideon - the wizard of hip-hop, animation, guitar strumming and storytelling - has just posted a trailer to his next (very ambitious looking) video album titled Video Musics II: Sun Wu-Kong. The project is being described as a “one hour multimedia video opera based on the 16th century Chinese novel ‘The Journey to the West’."

A wide variety of musical and animation contributors are credited, including Rachel Blumberg (M. Ward) and Cynthia Star (Coraline, Moral Orel, Robot Chicken). Video Musics, his previous audio/visual endeavor, had a run length of around 25 minutes while it followed ancient Hungarian Folk tales.

You can check out multiple clips from Video Musics here. The release date is slated for Fall of 2010.

Check out the preview clip below; looks weird (and cool):

Gideon has also released a cool mixtape titled Move Your Shit, Man via the folks over at African Tape Group that features an interesting remix of White Hinterland's "Begin Again". You can stream or download the mixtape here.

- Joel Sommer


Kelli Schaefer Single Release and Tour Kickoff Show Tomorrow Night at Mississippi Studios


PDX favorite Kelli Schaefer is playing this Thursday the 17th along with Aan, My Flag is on Fire and Oblio's Arrow at Mississippi Studios! This show marks not only the release of another single, but also the kickoff to a 10-date tour for Schaefer.

This new release is especially exciting because it has two B-sides, including one with a special hip-hop collaboration (keep reading to find out who) that is, frankly, quite rad.  Schaefer recently posted some of her singles on her MySpace page, most of which have been released at previous shows, and through her own record label Amigo/Amiga Recordings.

In anticipation of her big tour send-off, Schaefer graciously agreed to answer a few questions for The Deli Portland via email for your delight. Please enjoy.

Deli Portland: When are you going to release a full album?

Kelli Schaefer: We're shooting for November.

Do you like breakfast cereal, and if so what is your favorite?

I'm not a huge cereal fan. My roommate has this super blender that supposedly can blend gravel. Not that I want to eat gravel for breakfast, but I've been really into making smoothies.

Are there any places in town that you can buy your music?

If anyone wants a hard copy, they have to come to a show. Either that or you can get any of the singles or B-sides on Band Camp or iTunes.

What's your favorite breakfast spot, coffee spot and bar?

I've been really broke soooo, for breakfast? ...Fred Meyer. It's a block from my house and I can use my food stamps. Coffee? I go to Peet's. It's two blocks from my house, and I've got the hook up there. And if I happen to save enough money for a drink, I'd go to the Sapphire.

Do you like to write lyrics or music first?

I would prefer to write the lyrics first, but as far as a method goes, I haven't got one. Sometimes the lyrics come years before the melody. Sometimes the other way around. And sometimes I'll have one line, write an entire song for that one line, and then no more lyrics come. Forced lyrics are the worst. I'd rather record myself barfing before I put out a track with forced lyrics.

If you ever left Portland, where would you want to move?

A big city, maybe New York or London. I just want to try out a big city, that's all. See how long I can last before I come crying back to Portland.

What's your favorite animal?

I'm a huge fan of the pig. Just a big old giant sow.

Do you have a favorite word?

I don't have a favorite word of all time, no. But I will get stuck on one or two particular words for weeks at a time. Lately, I've been using the word ''conglomeration'' and ''integrate.'' Ha!

What's a question you would ask someone if you wanted to make them feel truly uncomfortable?

I would ask someone standing next to me in line at the grocery store, in a whisper voice, "Hey, is my fly down?" Then when they look down, I would have my finger sticking out of my fly like a fake wiener. Gotcha!

Why should people come see you play this Thursday at Mississippi Studios?

It's our tour kickoff! Also, I recently collaborated with Portland hip-hop artist Tope on a song that we will be performing that night. Should be a lot of fun!

Doors at 8 p.m. and the cover is $6. See you there.

- Joel Sommer


PDX Pop Now! Announces Lineup!


Every Northwestern popster's wet dream is back at Rotture July 30 - August 1 when PDX Pop Now! 2010 releases its aural assualt in the Southeast industrial district. Lo and behold, organizers have just released the lineup for this local music advocacy group's 7th Annual festival. You ready? You sure? Okay, here it is:

Aan, AgesAndAges, AndAndAnd, Asss, Atriarch, AU, Autistic Youth, Ben Darwish, Billygoat, Blue Cranes, Blue Horns, Brainstorm, Cloudy October, Da'Rel Junior, Defect Defect, Eternal Tapestry, Fear No Music, Get Hustle, Grey Anne, Guantanamo Baywatch, Hockey, Hosannas, I Can Lick Any Son of A Bitch In The House, Jackie-O Motherfucker, Joey Casio, Joggers, Krebsic Orkestar, Kung Pao Chickens, Kusikia, Lewi Longmire, Luck One, Michael The Blind, Operative, Parenthetical Girls, Please Step Out of The Vehicle, Reporter, Rollerball, Shoeshine Blue, Skeletron, Soup Purse, SubArachnoid Space, Tiny Knives, Tu Fawning, The Tumblers, Typhoon, Wampire, Why I Must Be Careful, and Ylang Ylang.

It would take me damn near an hour to link to all those bands here, but rest assured; happiness is found in digging a little deeper, people. I know it.

Don't forget that these sets are both indoors and outdoors, volleying audiences back and forth like some kind of fucked-up pop-rock pinball game. Only you get as many balls as you can handle for three straight days (SEXUAL INNUENDO OVERLOAD). Also, the whole damn thing is FREE, and ALL AGES.

The 2010 PDX Pop Now! compilation album is available for sale at local retail outlets and online here.

Press release excerpt (i.e. important stuff):

"Proceeds from sales of the album go towards funding the festival and the rest of organization's activities. The 7th installment of the heralded compilation features 40 tracks, including music from Typhoon, Mean Jeans, Nick Jaina, Laura Veirs, A Weather and Tope, as well as rare or previously unreleased tracks by Menomena, Blitzen Trapper, Dharma Bums, Talkdemonic, Y La Bamba, and more."

There's also a song called "City Morgue" on there by Kelli Schaeffer, which means you need to get it right now. Like now. Now now. Or you could listen to it at her MySpace site here. But would you really wanna do that when there's all that other great music on there? Not to mention the fact that PDX Pop Now! is a volunteer-driven, 501(c)3 non-profit organization committed to celebrating and promoting Portland's vital music community? That's what we thought.

- Ryan J. Prado


Pics from the First Deli Portland Showcase!

After many hours of bribing bands (with delusions of endless online print), bribing venues (by telling them we were Paste Magazine), chasing whiskey with more whiskey and generally wondering whether or not anyone cared at all or might come to the first ever Deli Portland (and the Days of Lore) sponsored Portland music showcase, we're happy to announce that it was a great success! We can't thank the bands - or our generous hosts at The Woods - enough for being so accommodating to the interesting lineup we garnered (mental note: might not be best to position the psych-math, pedal-toting power trio before the emotive folk-rock troubadour, followed by the synth-rock starlet...). But, you know what? That's pretty much what the Deli Portland is about anyway, not to mention the Portland underground music community in general. There are no barriers, there are no oil and water genres (unless maybe we tried to land the next showcase at Satyricon) and good tunes is good tunes.

We're working on the July and August showcases as we speak. Be sure and go visit our dear (old) friend Mark Lore at The Days of Lore blog site. We'd love to see you at the next one. Here are a few live shots from last night:


Wax Fingers (above) wowed the crowd as openers, exacting a systematic aural assault with lots of effects pedals, tight bass tracks, two guitars and drums. Vocalist/guitarist Pete Bosack employed breakneck finger-tapping, anchoring the squal of the trio's massive, swirling, razor-sharp roiling rock. You can help fund their upcoming album via the band's Kickstarter site.


mbilly (above) brought in a full band, filling out his sparse, somber folk rock with a more raucous sheen. Culling from a healthy helping of tunes from his recently released full-length, Mr. Nobody Baby (buy it here), mbilly parlayed revved-up renditions of his catalogue with austere, passionate abandon. You can tell he means what he sings, and that he loves to sing what he means, and that made for a wonderful audience reponse.


Jen Moon (above, with guitarist Jesse Bettis) took the stage to round out the show, and immediately showed why her local stock is rising so quickly. Gooey pop melodies dripped rivulets from Moon's vintage Moog, cascading waves of peppy synth, slick guitar leads, minor-key mauling, and a blistering rhythm section to appease the swaying hips of a now-standing crowd. Ripping through a balanced set of ska-tinged rockers and No-Wave confessionals, Moon and Co. impressed with a command of the subtleties inherent in all non-angst-ridden compositions - making sure the songs didn't have time to spiral, filling the gaps with delectable dallops of taste and precision. It's a wonder how the crowd refrained from cutting up a rug, the curtains, the very shirts off their backs.

Download her 4-song demo for free here.

Stay tuned for details on the next Deli Portland showcase. We have a feeling you're going to dig what we have in store.

- Words and Photos by Ryan J. Prado



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