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If You're Ever in the Mayor's Office...

...don't forget to feast your eyes on the newest addition to Sam Adams' art collection, Isaac Brock and the Seven Deadly Sins - the latest City Hall-commissioned piece by Portland artist Alexander Rokoff.

This is the second in a series of paintings with local musicians for Rokoff. You may recognize his oil work as being featured at such venues as Mississippi Studios (the infamous nude painting in the front room). We're pretty sure that this Brock oil masterpiece is going to raise more than a few foreign diplomats' eyebrows.

Brock was on hand for Wednesday's unveiling along with members of the media, and Rokoff. Mayor Adams stopped in to meet Brock and take in the monstrosity, which features a "Patches"-like clown haphazardly lounging on a book shelf carrying a bloody knife, and a wild boar, among other salacious tidbits.

"We have the best art in the city in our office," said Adams. "[Having this here] is a way to talk about Portland in not so obvious ways."

"This is a pleasure for me," responded Brock. "I voted for you."


l-r: Alexander Rokoff, Isaac Brock, Sam Adams


- Ryan J. Prado


Free Live Music Concert Series at Whole Foods to Take Bite out of Summer Doldrums


I don't know about everyone else, but the indecisive pitchiness of these cloudy skies is beginning to make The Deli Portland angry. When you leave home to run your various what have yous, do you don the rainslick? The long-sleeve? Muscle-Ts and flip-flops? The answer varies depending on the hour, and besides, man - fuck it. The only time it really comes into play is when there's live local music outdoors involved, but with the ambivalence of Mother Nature's wrath ever-present, the point ought not to be overlooked that June could prove to be a messy, moist month.

Leave it to Whole Foods on Laurelhurst to spit in the eye of the Doppler mega-system, when they begin the second of their summer-long weekly concert series, featuring awesome food, rad local (and not-so-local) music and hyper-instant street cred. Yesterday's kick-off event featured Beers, Brats and Portland wunderstuds Archeology. The Deli Portland was off getting its ass kicked at ping pong handily by legendary queercore punk rocker Kaia Wilson of Team Dresch and The Butchies to make it to this first installment, but we're certain we'll be at most if not all of the remaining weekly shindigs.

Check out the lineup below, and pack that rainslick just in case, huh?

Sat 5th June: The Denouement plays at 4pm (earlier than other bands)

Sat 12th June: Hungry Holler plays at 5pm

Sat 19th June: The Royal We plays at 5pm

Sat 26th June: Lone Madrone plays at 5pm

Sat 3rd July: TBC

Sat 10th July: The Ocean Floor plays at 5pm

Sat 17th July: On the Stairs plays at 5pm

Sat 24th July: Leonard Mynx plays at 5pm

Sat 31st July: Super XX Man plays at 5pm

Sat 7th Aug: Hutson plays at 5pm

Sat 14th Aug: Christine Havrilla plays at 5pm

Sat 21st Aug: Matthew Lindley and Troubadour Deluxe plays at 5pm

Sat 28th Aug:TBC

[Editor's Note: Portland bands! Notice those "TBC" dates? Why not contact Whole Foods at 503-232-6601, or even better, contact Whole Foods Marketing and Community Relations Specialist (i.e. booker) at helen.lee@wholefoods.com and hop on the bill? JUST A THOUGHT.]

- Ryan J. Prado


Don't Sleep on this show...


Thanks to Becca Sonnenberg for the amazing poster!

Ryan J. Prado


Those Who Lie Beneath Release New Vid for "Awaken"

Metal bands make the best music videos, period. '80s metal had hot rocker chicks licking the hoods of their cars; the '90s were all about epic battles and a fight against everything mainstream. But my favorite is the twisted, fucked up videos that get made for the death metal bands of the 21st century.

A death metal music video is basically a five-minute horror film. If you watch the video and you don’t see blood, a hot psychotic chick, or some taboo subject being reenacted, then the director really hasn’t done his/her job. Portland death metal band Those Who Lie Beneath want their music and videos to scare the shit out of people, and when interviewed for Noisecreep, the band even went so far as to say, “What we are trying to do is to be not only as brutal as we can, but as evil. I want people to be like, ‘This band, these guys are amazing, they’re fucking shredding. They’re brutal, they’re evil, they’re dark,’ because we are.”

Those Who Lie Beneath’s new video for their song "Awaken" - from their debut Rise Records release An Awakening - might not scream evil, but it is most definitely a piece of dark, bitter chocolate that looks sweet but leaves a nasty bad taste in your mouth. Check it out below:

I love the abandoned shack location for the video with the light streaming through the cracks of the walls onto only the band members' faces and instruments. Of course, the video wouldn’t be complete without a pretty psychotic girl - in this case, a girl who starts out very much like Alice in her Wonderland, sitting in front of a teapot looking innocent. She quickly turns into a cheshire cat-grinning she-devil who desperately needs an exorcism, a toothbrush, and a bath. It's entertaining to say the least. 

Just think: If the video is this good, what might these guys have up their sleave for their live shows? Hmmm, perhaps sacrificing a gerbil or defacing a picture of Justin Bieber? We can only hope.

You can catch Those Who Lie Beneath live at Satyricon this Thirsday, May 27th with Phoenix's Knights of the Abyss, San Diego's Burning the Masses, along with And Hell Followed With. Show starts early at 6 p.m. With this kind of lineup, it's sure to be an epic show. And someone is guaranteed to puke.

- Deanna Uutela


The Deli Portland's First Ever Local Music Showcase hits the Woods on June 9th!


The quest for the utter domination of the globe is as inadmirable as it is impossible. Britches can only be so big, and to outgrow them with the humpty-dumpty girth of your aspirations hearkens to the uppermost eschelons of both fuckery and an obvious ignorance to the exponential heaping of broken waist belts into our landfills thereafter.

But slow, steady lunging is way okay in our book, and we want more people to check out not only our blog site, but the litany of amazing Portland underground bands we write about from time to time. With this in mind - and with help from our other favorite local blog, The Days of Lore - the Deli Portland is presenting an evening of radical folk, psych-rock and fuzzy synth pop to The Woods on Wednesday, June 9th! Consider it our first small step. Giant leaps are for buttholes.

Radiant acid-rockers Wax Fingers will kick things off, followed by current Deli Portland artist of the month, mbilly. Rounding out the evening will be the plunky, synth-rock of newcomer Jen Moon. We're beyond excited to have such a rad cross-section of bands for our first foray into Deli-sponsored events, and we'd be even more stoked to see you come out and rock with us.

With any luck, this will be a monthly showcase, so stay tuned for future updates! And don't forget! Wednesday, June 9th! 21 and over, doors at 8, show at 9. $7.

We appreciate your patronage, and let us know who you'd like to see at our next showcase by commenting below!

- Ryan J. Prado


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