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Menomena Releases First Single Off Mines, Out July 27



It’s been a long three years since our boys in Menomena released Friend & Foe, but our wait is over…well, it’ll be over July 27th. This date marks the release of the trio’s newest musical creation on Barsuk, Mines.

The image above is the new record’s front-and-back cover art, and like all other Menomena album art, it is more than meets the eye. I am the Fun Blame Monster came equipped with a flipbook and Friend & Foe with an intricate die-cut puzzle; this one is a stereograph. The front and back images appear to look identical but are actually slightly different stereographic photos that are visible as a single three-dimensional image if the viewer crosses his/her eyes just right (you know, like the “Oh look, it’s a sailboat!” Magic Eye optical illusions). Unfortunately, I’ve never been good at those and more than likely will forever see this artwork in its primitive, two-dimensional form, but at least the broken siren is nice to look at!

Along with announcing the album art, the threesome was kind enough to share the record’s first single, “FIVE ROOMS,” (no, the caps lock was not a typo, check out the tracklisting below) with its fans. The dark, minor-chord (and, of course, saxophone) laden track can be all yours if you go to Menomena’s site and supply the band with your email address.


Here’s what drummer/vocalist Danny Seim posted on the band’s website about the single:

Here are five little facts about "Five Little Rooms"

1. It's the ninth track on our new album

2. It started out as one song a few years ago and ended up an entirely different song a few months ago

3. It prominently features the words "prostitute", "children", "hung", "bridegroom", "suburban" and "mcdonalds" (we're edgy now, haven't you heard?)

4. It was the last song to be chosen for the new record, which, in our perverted world, somehow makes it the most appropriate choice for the first single

5. It's either the best or the worst song we've ever written; you decide!

Our friendly label folks wanted me to rewrite the following info in a more personal way, but I'm having a hard time outdoing their informative enthusiasm. I'll just cut and paste instead:

"Get a download of "Five Little Rooms" now! In a few weeks, you'll get exclusive information on the upcoming Mines pre-order including a limited-edition double 7-inch with non-album tracks, exclusive t-shirts, screen-printed posters and more!"

Thank you for caring.

Danny / Menomena


Mines Tracklisting:













-Katrina Nattress


Nice Nice to rip free show at Holocene Wednesday

Nice Nice will be swooping in for a free show tomorrow night at Holocene! Supporting acts such as the joyful drone provided by Asss will be a welcome addition, paired along with the tribal glitch and percussion of duo Romancing and spatial psychedelic mindfucks Golden Retriever. For the rug-cutters, DJ New Moon Poncho, and DJ Tropical Depression (Claudia Meza from Explode Into Colors!) will hold down the segues and faders.

Nice Nice is touring in support of their recently released album Extra Wow, which came out on Warp Records just last month to a variety of strong reviews. Check out the psychedelic swirls of their video for their official single from the album "Everything Falling Apart" below: 


Show starts at 8:30 p.m. and, again, is completely FREE.

- Joel Sommer


Typhoon Releases Video for "Starting Over (Bad Habits)"

Typhoon has been getting its fair share of (deserved) publicity lately. With ranking #2 in Willamette Week's Best New Band of 2010 poll, winning our Band of the Month poll earlier this year and having its newest album (first in three years) Hunger and Thirst featured on our site for quite some time now, it's safe to say that 2010 is Typhoon's year.

"Starting Over (Bad Habits)," the first single off Hunger and Thirst, is just as soaring and full as the band itself. Kyle Morton's shaky voice floats over dueling drums, twangy guitar riffs, bouts of horns and a chorale created by his bandmates.

The video, directed by Matthew Ross, depicts members of the band going about their actual day to day lives (horn player Tyler Ferrin works at Potato Champion and drummer Pieter Hilton runs a coffee cart called Gorilla Boy Coffee) and performing on stage, only to get sucked into a black hole caused by a Large Hadron Collider, which is a humongous atom-smashing machine that is believed to create a tiny black hole on Earth. Just check out the article the character in the beginning of the video is reading; it all makes sense!

Typhoon - Starting Over (bad habits) from Matthew Ross on Vimeo.

If you've yet to see the orchestral performance that is Typhoon's live show, you've got a chance May 23. The thirteen+ piece plays at Holocene with Frog Eyes and Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band. Show starts at 8:30 pm. $8.

-Katrina Nattress


Win a Pair of Tickets to See Freelance Whales this Sunday at Doug Fir!

We know they're not exactly a Portland band - far from it. Queens, NYC to be precise about the thing. BUT, Freelance Whales will be descending, smooth indie-pop bombast in tow, to Doug Fir this Sunday, May 16th with Shout Out Louds and The Franks. And since you loyal Deli Portland readers have been so good to us, we wanna return the favor.

We've got a pair of tickets to give away to the show, and all you have to do is be the first to comment to this post with your favorite type of whale. Easy, right? We like to make things easy.

Runner-up will receive a signed copy of Freelance Whales brand new album Weathervanes, and second runner-up will receive a handy-dandy Freelance Whales tote bag!

Check out this new Darby Cicci (of the Antlers) remix of Freelance Whales' "Killer Whales" here, and check out the band's new video for "Generator 2nd Floor" below.

Freelance Whales - Generator 2nd Floor

Freelance Whales | MySpace Music Videos

If you don't win the tickets, try not to blubber (COULD NOT help it). The show is only $12 in advance, $14 day of show. Doors at 8 p.m., show at 9. Now get to commenting!

- Ryan J. Prado


PDX Pop Now! Announces 2010 Compilation Tracklist and CD Release Benefit Show

After raising $5,454 at its Make It Pop! fundraiser, PDX Pop Now! is keeping the benefits coming. With the unveiling of this year's two-disc compilation, the organization also announced its corresponding CD release benefit show, which will be held June 3rd at Holocene. Cover for the show is $10 and includes a copy of the 2010 compilation, and the venue made special arrangements with the OLCC to make this event ALL AGES!

We'll keep you posted with the lineup for the show, but for now, check out the track listing for the 2010 PDX Pop Now! compilation:

Disc 1

1) The Basics - Tope & Epp ft. Illmaculate

2) No Nostalgia - AgesandAges**

3) Oooh Kill Ooooh - Nucular Aminals

4) Tange Rine - Deelay Ceelay**

5) City Morgue - Kelli Schaefer

6) Five Little Rooms - Menomena**

7) El Ranchero Tejano - paper/upper/cuts**

8) The Letters - Light for Fire**

9) The Upheaval on Titan - JonnyX & the Groadies

10) Never Again - Fruition

11) My Hip Hop Is Breathing - Beyoung, Empire, Lost Poet, Mr. Flea

12) Starting Over (Bad Habits) - Typhoon 1

3) bodyblood - the angry orts**

14) Bombast - Trio Subtonic

15) Let This Body Go - Death Songs

16) Steve Don't Party No More - Mean Jeans

17) Flatlands - Mike Coykendall

18) Bad Buzz - The Mint Chicks

19) Wet & Dripping - Aan

20) Patient Heart - Sean Flinn & the Royal We

Disc 2

1) Mercenary Days - Hockey

2) Boxcar Children - ioa

3) Dalvik Tide - Ocean Age

4) Hoop & Wire - Boy Eats Drum Machine

5) Tramm - Breakfast Mountain**

6) Sleep, Child - Nick Jaina

7) Marianne - Strength**

8) Only A Quality Lime for Eric Gruber - Andrew Oliver Sextet

9) Look My Way - Blitzen Trapper**

10) Don't Look Down on Me - MY-G

11) Pythia Misunderstood - Transient

12) Battling Giants - Brainstorm

13) Too Many Days Gone - Dharma Bums**

14) Wide-Eyed, Legless - Laura Veirs

15) Midcentury Motion - Talkdemonic**

16) Pulling Weeds - The Great Mundane**

17) Juniper - Y La Bamba**

18) Peacock Dreams - Peacock Dreams

19) See Waves - Nice Nice

20) Giant Stairs - A Weather


**Previously Unreleased Tracks


-Katrina Nattress


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