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Dirty Mittens Demo Release Show this Friday


Dirty Mittens will be giving away a handmade, limited run (100), three-song demo from the album they're working on at Mississippi Studios on Friday.

"We're super excited about this album," said guitarist Ben Moral. "It's been in the works since last summer, and we're still working on mixing it. Jim Brunberg of Mississippi Studios is generously contributing his time to the effort."

The band is also stoked (and you should be too) on these awesome V.I.P. cards they will be handing out at the show. The idea is basically like when you go to a coffee shop and get a bunch of macchiatos and then they give you one for free. Except instead of macchiatos, it's shows. A buddy of theirs who runs the site ibrontosaurus.com designed and illustrated these really amazing punch cards, and if you come to five shows and get it punched, they'll give you something free.

"We didn't really want to limit this to one particular thing, you know, so we're just saying 'we'll hook you up' - which could mean a free show, shirt, CD, or even something crazy like coming to practice and swilling some brews with us, or having us take you out to dinner, or whatever," explained Moral. "We just want to say thanks to those folks who come out to our shows all the time."

This idea came about because of a confluence of events the band is calling Mittenstastrophe 2k10. This weekend, there will be three (3) chances to get a punch: Mississippi Studios Friday night, Aladdin Theater on Saturday during the day, then Saturday evening at the Willamette Week's Eat Mobile event. Is there a better way to spend this almost summer weekend?

Check out some of the demo tracks here.

 - Shuggypop


Spesus Christ, live in church


A new electronica act with a cleverly celestial nome de guerre and a handful of digital tracks, Spesus Christ comes home... well, the Oakland/Portland-based trio returns to Portland from their other Bay Area locale for a "homecoming" show this Saturday at "what used to be the Funky Church on Tamarack (just north of Division)," according to producer/mixer Cameron Spies.

Filling out the bill are the seriously jamming synth-pop duo Adventures! With Might, electro-ambient Soap Collectors (which also features Spesus Christ's Lizzy Ellison), stomach-friendly folk from Leviticus Appleton, and mournful beatmasters Your Canvas.

Behind the moans and machines, Spesus Christ pulsates an unclassifiable twinkling and tapping of beats with stream of consciousness raps. Right Cameron?

"Our sound is a mixture of analog and electronic instrumentation. It includes elements of down-tempo hip-hop, rock music, indie, and smatterings of about everything else we like listening to. It’s sort of problematic to try to describe our music using genre titles like we’ve just done, so I suggest that you just listen to our stuff."

Take the man's advice and download the simplistically titled yet multitudinously layered EP 1. Evolving so rapidly, their concert poster can't even keep up with them - the $2 cover has been nixed, the show is donation-based.

And gushing with new material, Cameron says, "We are planning to release an EP every month for the next six."

But until the first is mixed (possibly by next week!), Soap Collectors also celebrate a tape release but remind you that "Soap Collectors are people who gather together varieties of soap and compulsively log and organize them into neat piles."

Save me Spesus.

- Chris Young


Album Review: Brent DeBoer's "The Farmer"


There's a unique sort of interest that piques when a drummer steps out from behind the kit to showcase their songwriting talents. It seems entirely possible that every drummer might be bound for Josh Freese status and the misery known as The Notorious One Man Orgy. But Brent DeBoer, keeper of tempo for the Dandy Warhols, has officially shed percussive skin and stepped into a new beam of light with the release of his first solo effort, The Farmer.

With just eight tracks totaling 22 minutes in length, DeBoer provides listeners a warm dose of sedate, open-chord pop. “You Can’t Love Me” ushers in The Farmer’s distinct vocal styling, one that hearkens to the airy side of Courtney Taylor-Taylor, while also dipping into Iron & Wine’s well of glossy spook.

By “Is That All,” the record’s third cut, DeBoer also makes apparent a surprising musical strategy from that of a drummer, that being the conspicuous absence of nearly all percussion. Aside from the steady chick of a hi-hat and the occasional slight thump of a tom, DeBoer shuns his natural calling, and, while this move feels admittedly strange and unexpected upon initial listening, the crisp song-craft pleasantries of The Farmer quickly shine through in lieu of kit. Because on album-closer “I’m Alright,” when DeBoer softly moans “Let’s get wasted, stay up all night/Drink a bottle of cheap red wine,” we are intent upon agreement, leaving The Farmer a tender and successful collision of singer/songwriter musings and Dandy-esque pop sensibilities.

Check out "You Win" from The Farmer below:

On April 30th, DeBoer will celebrate his album release party at The Woods. All proceeds from the show will be going to benefit the National MS Society. Highway Rob Bonds will perform and fellow Dandy, DJ Rescue (aka Zia McCabe), will be manning the turntables. Tickets start at $15 though purchasers will be able to pay more should they be inclined to donate.

- Jacob Sprecher


Live Review: Toxic Zombie Album Release at Hawthorne Theatre, 4/17


"We will eat, we will eat, we will eat your brains!" screamed the horror-rock band Toxic Zombie to the crowd at Hawthorne Theatre last Saturday night. The band was there celebrating the release of their new CD Poison The Airwaves. This is the group’s first record under the label Dizaster, and the Hawthorne party marked the beginning of their national tour.

Seeped in zombie lore, rock and '80s punk, witnessing a TZ show is the most fun you can have legally. If you're curious about the band’s moniker, you movie buffs out there might recall a B-horror movie of the same name. The film is about a group of people growing cannabis who inadvertently get contaminated with a chemical, which turns them into anthropophagical zombies. Much like the zombies in the film, the group gnarled and scratched at the audience on Saturday, wooing them with their living dead attire, sweet rockabilly sound and oh-so-hot zombie go-go back up singers.

As if that wasn’t entertaining enough, the band had the haunted hotties the Unchained Girls at the show leading the crowd into chants and trivia. The famous NW horror host Uncle Eerie brought his clan of ghoulish burlesque gals to keep the fun going in between bands, and Ditch Digger opened the show with some head-banging rock. Railer closed with even more rock to blow our minds.

Toxic Zombie is one of a kind and you won’t see any other show quite like it. Some might even say they give a KILLER performance.

- Deanna Uutela


Ape Machine Leaks Track from Upcoming Debut


This House Has Been Condemned, the debut album from Portland five-piece Ape Machine, will be self-released on May 4th through their own Ape Machine Music.

Featuring ex-members of Slowdance Records' The Evening Episode, Grey Day Records artists Minmae, and MCA Records alumni Fenix TX, Ape Machine drives a psych-rock groove over stoner-worthy riffs and soaring vocals. It's interestingly catchy, given the slicker facets of the songwriting. Essentially, it's not your Tee Pee Records-type stoner rock, gorging itself on filthy dynamics and flaccid drumming. Ape Machine has their act together, and if leaked track "All Times" is any indication, this could become one of the more notable local releases of 2010.

Check it out below:

- Ryan J. Prado


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