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Boy Eats Drum Machine Releases Video for New Single, Hoop + Wire

The video for Boy Eats Drum Machine's first single, and title track, off his new record Hoop + Wire is a quick-stop animation joint, which chronicles the mischievous blue cassette tape featured on the album's cover art, which is just as quirky and playful as the music itself.


If you have yet to feast your eyes on a Boy Eats Drum Machine live show, have no fear, for Jon Ragel will be performing at a venue near you (if you live in Washington, Montana or Oregon).

Upcoming Shows:

4/24 sat-Portland,OR: Aladdin / LEP benefit ALL AGES/12pm

4/24 sat-Molalla,OR: Clark Park 5pm

5/01 sat-Portland,OR: CAP Art Auction w/ Cirque du Soleil and Linda Hornbuckle

5/06 thr-Portland,OR: TLE grand opening

5/07 fri-Bozeman,MT: Zebra Cocktail Lounge

5/08 sat-Missoula,MT: The Palace w/ That 1 Guy

5/09 sun-Spokane,WA: Empyrean

5/11 tue-Bellingham,WA: Wild Buffalo w/ That 1 Guy

5/13 thr-Seattle,WA: Tractor Tavern w/ That 1 Guy

5/14 fri-Portland,OR: Doug Fir w/ That 1 Guy

5/15 sat-Eugene,OR: WOW Hall w/ That 1 Guy 6

/05 sat-Portland,OR: Backspace TLE b-day party

-Katrina Nattress


The Days of Lore Presents The Mother Hips, Jared Mees and the Grown Children, and The Hugs Friday at Doug Fir!


Mark Lore, creator of The Days of Lore blog, knows a thing or two about music. Lore is the former arts editor of California alt-weekly Chico News and Review, and when he is not slaving away on The Lore blog, he's writing for music mags like Spin.com and our own Portland Mercury. Oh, and the dude apparently used to play in a couple of bands.

Consumed by music he is, and acting as a musical Jedi and thus a guardian of peace and justice in the music world, it is up to him to pass his wisdom onto us. Lore has used the Force to bring together three great bands tomorrow, April 16th, at Doug Fir: the Bay Area Americana-rock staple the Mother Hips, along with '60s-speckled garage-rockers The Hugs, and indie-popsters Jared Mees & The Grown Children.

It's an impressive lineup of bands whose music is fun, fun, fun and oh so danceable. I wonder if Jedi’s ever bust a move? I guess we will have to wait and see tomorrow.

Show starts at 9 p.m. The cover charge is $15, but watching Lore dance could be priceless.

- Deanna Uutela


Blue Giant free April happy hour residency at Laurelthirst


The best 5 bucks you'll spend all week will be on a beer at the Laurelthirst...while Blue Giant is knocking the electric blues piss outta ya for free!

The band will be holding down a residency at the LaurelThrist Public House from 6 to 8 p.m. every Wednesday in April...

Wait, wait, wait. "What's a residency?" asked singer and country guitar slanger Kevin Robinson. Well, it's where you show up and play to the people that are already in the bar. Okay, that sounds pretty good to The Robinsons and Co. because Blue Giant will be trying out new material and jamming with old friends alongside their normal arsenal of slide and steel guitars, and anything that you can strum in between. Bring a mandolin or banjo.

But honestly, Blue Giant doesn't strum. Sometimes it's mellow and folky acoustic, sometimes slightly psychedelic. Lots of Southern twang with a fiddle here, then electric riffs and ass-kickin' harmonica there - Bringing It All Back Home-era Dylan.

"Got to pay your dues if you want to play the blues, you know it don't come easy," sings Kevin Robinson.

But it's damn easy to enjoy Blue Giant for free.

- Chris Young


Live Review: Blunt Mechanic, And I Was Like What?, Lee Corey Oswald - April 8th at Berbati's Pan


Singer, guitarist and songwriter Ben Barnett has a new sound, a new band, and a new LP - World Record - coming out April 20th. I got a chance to check out his band, Blunt Mechanic, at Berbati’s Pan last Thursday, along with Portland groups And I Was Like What? and Lee Corey Oswald.

The crowd was sparse and the atmosphere quite dark, but that didn’t keep any of the bands from rocking out hard. The Oswald duo opened the show and reminded me once again how much I love listening to acoustic guitars and a sweet harmony. However, I have to admit that their harmonization was a little off live, and they at times sounded like they were trying to yell over each other. They got the crowd all warmed up and raring to go though, and once And I Was Like What? stepped on stage, the crowd was ready to groove to their Americana pop beats.

This all-bearded band really had their shit together and it's hard to believe they are still unsigned. They sounded fantastic live, and I absolutely loved the band’s use of the electric violin.

By the time Blunt came on I was starting to feel the fatigue setting in, so I was hoping they were going to bring some mad energy to the stage. Lucky for me they did. The best was definitely saved for last in this case, and Blunt was just as much fun to watch as they were to listen to. Barnett is not new to the music scene; in fact, he released 10 albums with the band Kind of Like Spitting and works as the Music Director of Seattle’s School of Rock. All of his experience shows on stage, and his enthusiasm and passion pours over you like a banana split with a cherry on top.

All three bands have upcoming shows in the Northwest, so keep your eyes glued to The Deli and your ears tuned to your local radio stations.

- Deanna Uutela

April 2010
"Hunger and Thirst

In the blind taste test of music, Typhoon proves difficult to classify into one category. With hints of Beirut, Damien Rice, Feist, the Builders and the Butchers, even a whisper of Sufjan Stevens at times, this band is a smorgasbord of influences and sounds.

With seven core members, but seventeen total band members and contributors, these Portland natives have produced an impressive range of eclectic, inventive sounds without the end result being chaotic. With haunting melodies and layered cadences, this is the type of album capable of commanding both the attention and mood of anyone within earshot. Tracks like "Starting Over" and "Belly Of The Cave" stand out amongst the others as the songs I kept hitting “repeat” on, but it’s clear that Typhoon’s new album Hunger And Thirst is meant to be listened to from beginning to end.

Although there exists today a bevy of musical groups who certainly possess talent, Typhoon comes across as having a unique voice and point of view. Hunger And Thirst is a warm and soulful album, with interesting textures and depth. And while it’s nothing epic or life-changing, Typhoon has produced an album rife with emotion, haunting at times, joyful and upbeat at others.

Hunger And Thirst will be released on May 4th, but if you preorder through Tender Loving Empire before May 3rd, they’ll kick down a copy of the two disc Friends and Friends of Friends album.

- Arielle Mullen


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