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March 2014
Hands In
"Ployester Itch

Portland's Eric Crosby is blessed with musical genious. His brilliance has been showcased in various groups through the years, including Yourself & The Air, and Settlers, but his solo project Hands In is truely on point. Through a combination of loops and live perormance, he creates a blend of lo-fi psych that I could listen to on repeat for days.

The track 'Take Time Enough' off his January 2014 release Polyester Itch floats through a dreamy cloud of punching synth, sampled drums and spaced out soothing vocals that can lift the heaviest of depression on a gloomy Portland day. Listen to the full album here. - Travis Leipzig

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She Shreds Magazine Release Party at Doug Fir 1.18

The first time I ever heard La Luz, I really thought they were carefully curated for my own musical tastes. The distant waves of surf rock with significant femininity creates the loveliest thing I've heard in a long time. Recently, the Seattle-based band suffered through a semi-truck versus them on the highway, but powered through it with their own tough stride and support from the music community. That resilience continues to shine through their music. Songs like "Sure As Spring" and "T.V. Dream" assist you in wading through a time warp, back to where taunting guitar melodies were done best. The aftermath leaves you hungry for anything else these ladies will throw your way. That hunger will stay. 

They will be headlining the release party for She Shreds Magazine, a Portland-based publication dedicated to female guitarists and encouraging a revolution involving awareness for the underrepresented. The Ghost Ease and Hooded Hags will be supporting, offering plenty of mind tingles for the night. - Colette Pomerleau


Top Bands from the Year End Open Submission

I was excited to see so many local bands that I love had submitted their music to be reviewed for our Year End Poll (see right), but what excited me even more was seeing who came out on top once the reviewing process was over (see here for more details on the reviewing process). The post-indie stylings of Rare Monk, hook driven songs written by Just Lions, progressive musical experiments conducted by Sama Dams and the dreamscapes that only Soft Shadows can create deserve inclusion in our Best of 2013 list as much as any band nominated by our jurors. Be sure to check these bands out and vote for your favorites here. - Benjamin Toledo

The Verner Pantons at Club 21 1.18

The Verner Pantons play with a style that’s rooted in ‘60s psychedelia, venturing through fluid compositions to make the sonic splashes that can be heard on their debut EP, Melancholy Girl. Each song on the release has a different flavor; from the reverberating hooks complemented by driving beats on the title track to the surfy lead lines and lo-fi spanish vocals on the closing track, “Dejame”. The EP is well worth a few listens, as would be catching these guys live at Club 21 this weekend for a free show with Psychomagic and Hollow Sidewalks. Be there for a most  rocking psychedelic party. - Benjamin Toledo 


Album Review: St. Even

The eponymous album by St. Even may be your perfect solution to enduring the gray, rainy days of winter. It breathes the type of nostalgia that reminds you that with the right musical remedies, lazy days are the best thing about cold weather. The songs on this sophomore album are full of instrumental arrangements that are put together in orchestral fashion and all tied together with an acoustic guitar. St. Even’s voice carries a storyteller’s tone and the music behind it moves around in beautiful whimsy. It’s a combination of Greenwich Village folk and Fantasia making sounds extremely fitting to the Portland landscape.

The album starts out reminiscent of the various folk songs of the Magnetic Fields, complete with horn and string sections that move slowly into the music behind his vocal build ups. You can hear a variety of instruments such as trumpet, trombone, violin and piano. About midway through on the song “Really Real” beautiful female vocals shine through while melodic piano riffs dance in the background. And the piano keeps going on the bluesy track, “Don’t Hold Your Breath” while the words are sung like a Southern ballad.

In the end, all these songs are cultivated with folk roots and brought together with eloquent and classic songwriting. The music is perfect fitting for any kind of day, but especially nice with a warm cup of coffee on cold morning. - Colin Hudson



Portland’s Open Submission Results for The Deli Magazine’s Year End Poll 2013

After receiving a remarkably high number of submissions, we are ready to announce the bands that ranked highest in the first phase of our Year End Poll. A huge thanks you to all of the bands that submitted their music, the results show the diversity and talent that covers Portland’s DIY scene. Please note that the Portland editor wasn’t eligible to vote for any of the bands that submitted. Instead, the submissions were reviewed by three Deli editors in different cities.


Acts advancing to our Readers/Fans Poll with a ranking above 7.1:

Adam Brock (8)

Adventure Galley (7.83)

Coma Serfs (7.33)

Rare Monk (7.16)

Just Lions (7.16)

Sama Dams (7.16)

Soft Shadows (7.16)


Honorable Mentions (ranked above 6.5):

Appendixes (7)

Bevelers (7)

Autonomics (7)

Hawks Do Not Share (6.83)

Altadore (6.83)

Ask You In Gray (6.83)

Fringe Class (6.75)

Grandhorse (6.75)

Slutty Hearts (6.75)

Towering Trees (6.75)

Total submissions from the Portland scene: 59

WHAT'S NEXT: Now that we’ve finished up the first step of the poll it’s time to reveal the bands nominated by our local jurors. The jurors who gave us their opinions are experts on Portland music - working as promoters, bloggers and with platforms that promote local music. Noone knows the scene better than them. Once all of the bands involved are announced, our viewers will have the chance to cast their votes to determine who will be named The Deli Portland’s Best Emerging Artist of 2013. 

Thanks again to all of the bands who submitted their music and spread the word about the poll, stay tuned for the next phase of the poll. 

The Deli Staff



Celebrate the Old Russian New Year with Chervona at Star Theater 1.11

Chervona opened for Pink Martini at the Crystal Ballroom's NYE celebration, but for eight years in a row now, they have played their own "signature" winter party in mid-January. It's a celebration of the Russian (and widely Eastern European) tradition of Old Russian New Year, that is, the history involving when the turn of the year translated from the Orthodox Julian Calendar to the current Gregorian, it fell on Januarry 14th. 

So...getting two new starts to the new year (and two bashes) is better than one! This is the "real"  New Year's Eve party, Russian style: Frozen vodka, zakuski caviar, and perhaps a dance with the witch of Russian folklore, Baba Yaga, or the snow maiden daughter of Spring and Father Frost. Most of all, Chervona really throws a party unique to our scene, a wild gypsy-punk extravaganza with culture and camaraderie, to boot. 
Cпасибо, Chervona, и с Новым годом.
The Old Russian New Year Ball happens at Star Theater with Chervona and Ukrainian pop star Darka Dusty, as well as a late night set from DJ Zhena. It's Russian Disco! Ticket prices and admission are far friendlier than December 31st festivities. - Brandy Crowe

Album Review: Mujahedeen by Ali Muhareb

Local professional chiller and former bass player of Talkative, Ali Muhareb just released a solo album, Mujahedeen, and it rips. The album displays a remarkably more dynamic musical genius than was showcased in his role with Talkative, and sounds surprisingly different than his previous group to boot. Sonically resemblant to some stoned fusion of Animal Collective and Hot Chip, Mujahedeen adds a solid new layer to Portland music that contends with the best.... Read the full review here!



My New Favorite Mujahedeen
- by Travis Leipzig

Local professional chiller and former bass player of Talkative, Ali Muhareb just released a solo album, Mujahedeen, and it rips. The album displays a remarkably more dynamic musical genius than was showcased in his role with Talkative, and sounds surprisingly different than his previous group to boot. Sonically resemblant to some stoned fusion of Animal Collective and Hot Chip, Mujahedeen adds a solid new layer to Portland music that contends with the best.

"Don’t Bother Me" cheerily opens up the album riding drum clicks and a bass riff with a brilliant simplicity that somehow reminds me of Gershon Kingsley’s classic 1968 track "Popcorn." Then layered with rad guitar and a blown out vocal melody you’ll have stuck in your head all day, Mujahedeen is off to a solid start.

The second track, "So Bold" is my favorite on the album. With an almost angelic arpeggiating synth and a crunchy bass riff, Muhareb lures the listener out of their comfort zone into the depths of his psyche, like a steelhead following a spinner out from under some river rock where he was chilling. Then like a seasoned angler, the track hooks you with the hit of gently punching chords, a dope backing vocal sample and a super catchy lead vocal that questions space and time, repeating “it’ll stay like this till we grow old.”  

Another choicest of nuggets on the album is the dark and sluggish closing track "WalkIn" which incorporates some vocal sampling weirdness you’d expect from a Log Across the Washer recording. But it sounds entirely unique with the drone of his, at this point signature fuzzed out keys and bass and melodically repetitious vocal styling.

If you made it out to the Mujahedeen album release at the Firkin Tavern on Saturday night, you’d be a fool to dismiss Ali Muhareb based on the technical difficulty laden performance. It was his first live production of the one-man show and it will only get better. I for one am stoked to watch the evolution of Muhareb’s new project, as his first album is definitely something special.  


Ali Muhareb




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