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Th Angsty Anthems of the New Loveboys EP

Who ever thought bringing a lighthearted air to angst ridden grunge would sound so sweet? Loveboys' did, and it's the whole premise behind their latest self-titled EP release.

Out just a couple weeks ago, the Loveboys' self-titled EP is a cathartic collection of songs written with a truculent lyrical bite by guitarist and vocalist Adam Fight. Following the loss of his mother, Fight's relocation to one of the most angsty regions in the country made for the ideal setting to get out all of those emotions. Along with Elly Swope on drums and Victoria Valenzuela on bass, a general aggravation with the current state of the world can be heard through the lyrics and felt through the trio's sheer energy, bouncing between grunge, punk and pop hooks. "Sow" is a driving force of harsh reverb with grittily grungey chords. Capitalism is a topic on tracks like "Racecar," while "Love" and "Happy" tackle the subjects in a stinging way. 

Despite the seven tracks on the EP born out of such a personal time in Fight's life, the album feels as if the current masses as a whole can relate to it. We've all been harboring a particular sort of aggression towards the world lately, and this EP from the Loveboys is the boisterous, relatable anthemic stock needed.

Visual Vices: Johnny Raincloud - "The Wolf In My Backseat"

Most of us have got a few demons following us. Skeletons we've shoved so deep in our closets they're basically in Narnia. But sometimes, the things eating away at us manifest themselves in the form of a big, bad wolf. Sometimes, that wolf IS us.

Johnny Raincloud's latest video for "Wolf In My Backseat" kind of embodies that ideal, with a comedic tinge to it. The video's furry protagonist drifts through life causing mild ruckuses and having a generally fair time, much like the overall aimless activities we all participate in on a daily basis. Coming off their newest EP Objects in Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear, the song and the video hit a little closer to home than they may initially seem.

Gold Casio Dive Deep with "Gold Mine"

 Gold Casio are the masters of local disco. Their live performances are engaging and visually stimulating, with their aesthetic falling somewhere in between disco royalty and yacht rock magic. Glitter, gold and a whole hell of a lot of dancing are always on the menu with Gold Casio, so when they teamed up with the ethereal jazziness of Coco Columbia an entirely new sonic aesthetic was created.

Coming off their latest the Fever Dreams EP, "Gold Mine" is appropriately named hit of electropop that you can't help but groove to. Gold Casio gave us some cosmic responses to a few questions about the track. Give them a read below, but make sure you're blasting "Gold Mine" as you do it.

What inspired "Gold Mine" thematically?

Sparkling harpsichord from another dimension, poolside sunsets from past lives, winter nights with too much smoke and too many mirrors, pretending you're on a beach anywhere else.

Why the choice of collaborating with Coco Columbia on the track? Were there other artists in the running?

Astrological tendencies, geographical convenience, and divine intervention. Our human vessels and their interconnections predate both musical projects, the song was born before the identity of either had made waves on the scene. 

How did fans initially react to the Coco/Casio pairing and the song in general?

Quite well!

Will we be seeing more features from other artists on GC tracks? What other projects does the band have in the works?

Many more collaborations coming down the line, some with artists you probably already love and some you'll love soon!


A Thong by Any Other Name Would Sound as Sweet

It's damn near impossible not to think of Sisqo's 1999 ode to whale tails and the cheeks that complete the look when the word "thong" is heard, or really just thought of. That's probably not the reaction local psych-surf act Thong were going for with their name, though "Thong Song" was definitely an anthem of sorts. Regardless, Thong recently announced that they're going to be changing their name, and that these last few shows of theirs were the final times to see them as the thongs that once were.

As far as what Thong's new name will be, that's something we'll all just have to learn at their name change reveal show this Sunday, with garage poppers Marcy's Band and Este dropping rhymes. Visuals will be provided by Grayson Bear and there will even be a little bit of stand up from George Jones. But we all can rest pretty easily knowing that just because the band is changing their name doesn't mean they're changing their beloved sound.

Head over to 5th Avenue Cinema this Sunday to catch Thong's last show as such.

Tumble on Down to Kelly's Olympian for a Night of Folk-Pop

Folk and Americana fans are some of the most dedicated around. Depending on the particular pace of the plucking, they know to react with either intriguingly pensive stares, a little more action via some head bobbing and toe tapping, or launching into full blown hip swinging. Those types of reactions, be them in the folk/americana realm or other, are what artists live for. Anyone looking to get into that kind of fun this weekend has the opportunity to Friday at Kelly's Olympian.

A delightful night of folk meets twangy indie pop, soulful folk group of transplants Kaiya On The Mountain will connect with Tumbledown's gritty honesty yet broodingly sweet styles most recently expressed on their debut EP In Between. The night ends with a headlining set from the rayLand Baxter inspired duo Hammerhead, rounding out the festivities perfectly.


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