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End Up at Another Know End Show Saturday

The Know End in Sight Series has featured some pretty good shows so far, and Saturday's will definitely be one of the best ways to both end this shitty year on and see off the Know from its northeast Alberta home.

We never miss a chance to see to heavy hitters Danava, who still manage to hold such a special place in our hearts even without having released any new material in a long time. Party rockers Mean Jeans will hopefully play almost all of this year's Tight New Dimension which, of course, has had us in a whole other dimension of rowdy punkness since April.

With the coolness of Andy Place and the Coolheads and NYC's Dirty Fences touring through to round out the bill, there's no doubt shit won't get crazy. 

Tickets are only $12, so it'd be smart to get there early and snag one before the night sells out.

Dada Distract Yourself with Aan's New Album

Out today, the newest record from Bud Wilson's full fledged music baby Aan is perhaps one of if not its strongest release yet. Dada Distractions served as just that - a means to somewhat distract Wilson from all the bullshit that occurred to him last year. 

Amid the loss of two friends and the ending of a six year relationship, Wilson also saw the known incarnation of his band and his home of Portland quickly changing. Like most with creative outlets to deal with the darker feelings, Wilson channeled his ills into Dada Distractions, where songs bounce between droning heavy hitters and softly scuzzed out pop. 

The current embodiment of Aan sees the band's touring sound engineer turned member Gabriel Nardin, Dana Valatka and former Deli Portlander Travis Leipzig aiding in expressing Wilson's musical journey through lost love and the acceptance of death. Dada Distractions is definitely an album of expression, that can be witnessed live during the album release show this weekend for Rontoms' Sunday Sessions. Helping Aan celebrate the album's release will be Minden and Kelli Schaefer. It'll be Papi Fimbres' last show as Minden's drummer, giving even more of an incentive to turn out.

Stream Dada Distractions in its entirety below.


Acoustic Awareness in a Beautiful Venue

The Old Church is quite a beautiful venue. Sounds bounce of the historic Carpenter Gothic church's walls with sonic ease, making it an ideal location for amplifying even the softest of tones. On Saturday, the Old Church will be host to a night of acoustics, meant to benefit a city-wide epidemic.

Spreading awareness acoustically, And And And, Ill Lucid Onset and Alyce Fernley will be gracing the Old Church's large, organ-dominated stage to play sets for Human Solutions. The local nonprofit provides services to low-income and houseless individuals within Portland and granted the city's current housing state of emergency, the nonprofit could use all the support it can get to help support those most in need.

Tickets are $10 and can be purchased here or at the door. For more information on how to volunteer with Human Solutions or other ways to help, visit their website at humansolutions.org.

Visual Vices: Sheers - "Depth"

 We premiered "Depth" by Sheers back in August and we're pleased to be able to share the song's coinciding video. Visually intriguing, the video for "Depth" artistically represents introspective acumen aesthetically demonstrated by a pinkish hue, beautiful interpretive dance and provocative actions by the video's main character - Lily Breshears herself. 

The perfect effigy for such a deep gothic folk track, Sheers' new video will make you want to watch it over and over again.

PREMIERE: Arrows In Orbit - "The New You"

For a band fairly recent in its development, Arrows in Orbit already have a good grasp on what it takes to blend prog rock with classic folk in an uniquely emotive way. The four-piece encompasses diverse members from assorted corners of the world, with each of their different backgrounds adding nonpareil factions to a musical style led by lead singer and songwriter Hunter Paye.

Arrows in Orbit's definitive style is clearly expressed on the track we're premiering today, "The New You." The first song Paye wrote upon acquiring his first electric guitar, "The New You" is refined, promising more solid releases from the rest of the Blueprints for Flight EP and the band in general.

The single release show for "The New You" will be November 16 at the Liquor Store as part of The Secret Sea's newest album release and an accompanying set from Glasys. Tickets are $7 with the show starting at 9pm. 

Arrows In Orbit - "The New You" from Jon Meyer on Vimeo.


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