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March 2014
Hands In
"Ployester Itch

Portland's Eric Crosby is blessed with musical genious. His brilliance has been showcased in various groups through the years, including Yourself & The Air, and Settlers, but his solo project Hands In is truely on point. Through a combination of loops and live perormance, he creates a blend of lo-fi psych that I could listen to on repeat for days.

The track 'Take Time Enough' off his January 2014 release Polyester Itch floats through a dreamy cloud of punching synth, sampled drums and spaced out soothing vocals that can lift the heaviest of depression on a gloomy Portland day. Listen to the full album here. - Travis Leipzig

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Carcrashlander Debuts New Track, "All My Light Begins To Dissipate"

Carcrashlander has just debuted the first single off of his upcoming LP, A Plan to Tell the Future titled, “All My Light Begins to Dissipate” through Impose Magazine. The solo project of musician and songwriter Cory Gray (who has collaborated with The Dodos, Laura Gibson, Graves, the Dandy Warhols and many more) was made as an outlet for a musically adventurous drive with no particular genre in mind as writing began. When talking about the record Cory states that, “I was trying to avoid conceptualizing any particular style, or entertaining thoughts about accessibility.” You can hear that kind of openness to experimentation in the new track as driving rhythms and unique instrumentation move between hypnotic verses and an explosive chorus. Listen to the new track below and be sure to be at Valentines on January 13th to celebrate the release of the new LP with Carcrashlander and Graves. - Benjamin Toledo   


Ages and Ages at Mississippi Studios 12.31

As their song "Souvenir"  from their debut album Alright You Restless indicates "brace yourself for the hour". What better way to celebrate the ending of another year than with Agesandages? Led by Tim Perry (formerly of Pseudosix) and an array of strong voiced multi-instrumentalists with plenty of tambourine shakes, the group recently surprised their following with a cozy cover of  "Christmastime Is Here" and has been working up their follow up sophomore album Divisionary
The first track from the new album "Do The Right Thing" is in time for New Year's resolutions. With a building concentration of piano, percussion, violin, and a choral brocade alongside Perry, the group sings a song of praise about helping oneself while letting go of expectations. Do the right thing, always. Live better. Pass it on.
Agesandages seeks to get the people involved; in dance, in song, and in celebration. Lift up your glass to Father Time and welcome the possibilities of 2014. All hosted by Mississippi Studios and 94.7 with Portland's dreamy Wild Ones and Florida's Surfer Blood. Rock it out, and ring it in. - Brandy Crowe 




The Lower 48, Minden and Tango Alpha Tango at Mississippi Studios 

Tango Alpha Tango opened the festivities in funky fashion with high energy and crunchy bass lines that thrive on bluesy guitar riffs to get the energy going and the crowd moving.

Minden then took the stage to present their world of soul music to an audience eager to hear about it. This six piece mixes indie rock with soul so well it's like the 80s never happened. 

Closing out the show was the fabulous threesome, the Lower 48. They wore suits, stood on bass drums, and cranked out their vintage folk-pop with punk edges.

This show had enough quality to put any scrooge in the mood for Christmas joy. 















Photos by Craig Williams, Words by Colin Hudson








The Quick and Easy Boys at Doug Fir 12.27

The Quick & Easy Boys are easily one of the most talented bands around. All of their songs are high energy, hard to label, and hard to put in a neat little box (but hey, that is part of what makes these guys so great to listen to!). The substantial talent of each band member comes together to produce phantasmagoric sound. Each band member brings something unique to the table and what it produces is a sound that will put a smile on your face. I particularly enjoy the funk elements woven into some of the songs which adds an old-school something extra. And live? Well seeing the Quick & Easy Boys live is a must. Their stage presence and energy are hallmarks of a band that is passionate and cares about their music. The good news is you have the chance to see them on December 27th at the Doug Fir. If you haven’t already seen the Quick & Easy Boys get out there and see what it’s all about. If you have seen the Quick & Easy Boys, go again! The show won’t be quick, and the music they play damn sure ain’t easy but you’ll be glad you went. - Cory Heunnekens


Summer Cannibals Release New Song, "Make You Better"

Summer Cannibals have just dropped the title track off of their upcoming Make You Better EP, which will be released at the Doug Fir on January 9th. As lead singer, Jessica Boudreaux, said in a recent interview with Impose, this rocking new song describes “ the delusion that it's possible to really change someone that you're in a relationship with or that they could change you.” (read the full interview here). Listen to the song below and mark your calendar for the release show with Hurry Up and Spookies. The EP will only be available on a limited 100 cassettes, 50 of which will be given away to the first arrivals at the release show so make sure to get there to get your hands on one; otherwise it will probably be too late. - Benjamin Toledo 


Tender Age at Rontoms 12.22

There’s something entrancing about the dream pop sounds that surround the songs of Tender Age. Between the reverb heavy guitar leads, intricate vocal harmonies and steady, near hypnotic drumming it’s easy to get lost in the sounds they create. Their latest single, “Velvet”, balances dynamic structures reminiscent of a post-rock group with an ambience that ties them into the shoegaze genre. Catch them this weekend at Rontoms with Fringe Class as part of the venue’s always-awesome Sunday Sessions. You won’t be sorry. - Benjamin Toledo  


Wooden Indian Burial Ground at Doug Fir 12.21

Supporting Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside this Saturday night at the Doug Fir is Wooden Indian Burial Ground. Although a bit more underground than their headliners, they deserve as much hype as humanity is willing to give. Their performances are ruthless, constant streams of mania, aggression and a sense of never giving in. This is psychedelic rock overgrown with heavy experimentation. Whether you decide to appreciate the hysterical fuzz lingering in the background or not, be aware this will make you feel something. Wooden Indian Burial Ground have evolved into a band destined to uproot any emotion you allow and that's beautiful. - Colette Pomerleau


The Lower 48, Minden and Tango Alpha Tango at Mississippi Studios 12.20

Christmas will be arriving five days early in North Portland this Friday. Three of Portland’s biggest acts of 2013 will be hosting a yuletide celebration that will make your office Christmas party look like… well, an office Christmas party. Sorry, no time for fancy rhetoric, here’s the skinny: Tango Alpha Tango will go on first. Their guitar-driven rock makes them one of the bluesiest bands this city has in its books and they play in such a raw way that you can’t help but move to the fine-tone rhythms and fuzzy keyboard that gives them a funky edge. And not slacking in the funk category is the soulful six-piece, Minden. Whether you like their melodic keyboards, smooth bass, or harmonizing vocals, you will surely get your fix when Minden takes the stage. Finally, the hosts, The Lower 48 will headline the bill. The vintage-pop sounds laden with folk songwriting has built quite the name for this band in the local scene. The past six months touring all over the west coast, east coast, and the Midwest and finally make it back to Portland just in time for a holiday extravaganza. This Friday, the triumphant bells will ring sounds of joy for one more concert 2013 won’t forget. - Colin Hudson




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